There is a legend about 3 brothers founders of Cieszyn. After the long journey they met near the will. They were so happy after the meeting, that they decided to settle down here. Three brothers... Three guys from the hostel... We could easily create very similar story about us – three young guys after the long journey just met near the will, and decided to open new, first hostel in Cieszyn.

Cool story, but fake story.

We like Cieszyn, we love hostels, and meeting all travellers and backpackers – it was not to hard to realize that opening the hostel here is simply our destiny.

Active, super-lively, super-energetic. Faster then speedy gonzalez. The wanna-be-serious-buisnesman. His lifeplan is to open hillarious lavish hostel in Thailand – he was there and he falled in loved in the place. He enjoy their weather and food mostly. Real guy from Cieszyn – when he get angry, you can hear the pure combination of local rude words, speaking in the pure local dialect. He cannot speak any foreign language too good, however his body language is absolutely the best from the whole team. After few beers he can explain the history of Poland in albanian. He can fix everything. Yeah, Mario is a good guy!

Stranger. Not from Cieszyn. A fake. He will pretend – a front of all guests that he's from here – but he isn't, sorry. His face from Nowa Huta, working class district clearly says he's not from here. Mr. addicted-of-everything. On the other side of the street there is a sport betting place – probably that's why he is here. The wanna-be-writer. He writes something occasionally, but no one wants to read it. He can predict every single football score while sleeping. Unfortunately after waking up he doesn't remember anything at all. He also like cooking – his food reminds glorious time of polish milk bars from seventies and eighties. Well, he is not from Cieszyn, but we can admit he's a good guy.

Stubborn guy. Very stubborn. Despite of all difficulties he still belive he can got graduated on university. He did not stop belive after so many years – he's keeping trying so hard. He loves sleeping – that's one of the difficulty, which cannot let his get graduated. But he will – coz' he's super-smart! He is the linguistic expert, the wanna-be-scientist. His future is absolutely mysterious, he can by anyone. Interested on too many different subjects, Cooking maestro, master-chef, Vivaldi of fusion cuisine – love discovering new tastes. He is the most happy, when Radwanska win. Local guy from Cieszyn – so he simply must be cool!


Have you ever met a rock'n'roll girl? Sure you have. We, however know a very special rock'n'roll girl. We won't lie to you – Asia likes partying. She also likes music festivals and that's probably why she is a never-ending source of good tunes. Not only fresh stuff from last year  but also classics that are 30 years old, that old punks like us never heard of! Being a rock'n'roll girl may not be too complicated but Asia combines it with super-careful management of the hostel and diligence. She came up with quite a successful method of coping with hangovers – by working. We keep on trying, but for us it doesn't always work. She, on the other hand, has mastered it. Apart from that, she knows pretty much everybody and almost everything about the city. She's a local girl from Cieszyn – and they always do a good job!

We're in Cieszyn – a city that was once divided between Poland and Czechoslovakia. And then it stayed like this (with the only difference being the name change of our neighbour – now it's Czech Republic). Therefore he fits here perfectly, since he speaks equally good in Polish and Czech. Czech is his mother tongue by the way. Polish elements comes from quite a lot of Polish blood in his veins. He may be a Silesian guy, but he comes from Podhale. We all love sport – Łukasz however is the only guy here who treats it seriously and practices it. He is into everything – tennis, football, history, computers, women... A true polymath. He develops his skills as he pleases, not caring much about stereotypes. A conversation with him is a pleasant one, regardless of the language. We still don't know whether he likes Newcastle United more than Argentinean Yerba or maybe is it the other way around. We guess it's Newcastle United after all.


Robin, our Swedish companion, is an exceptional character. If you want to create Robin, here's our recipe: take the feeling of freedom extract, add a tbl spoon of world curiosity, a pinch of brilliance, sensitivity and a huge pack full of sense of humour. As you can see, making such a Robin is not an easy thing and we are truly happy he came to us in the finished form. The mentioned curiosity causes him to come and go - whenever the call for adventure becomes stronger. Naturally, we like the times when he stays with us. Beside his love for reading he is a walking encyclopedia of ice hockey too. Also, he doesn't mind a quality drink or a good sleep - which certainly brought him closer with the rest of the team.

Her appearance was sudden and unexpected. It certainly made happy those who visit us on a regular basis, who must have got bored with looking at the same faces all the time. It also lowered the testosterone level in the premises. Something has definitely changed. The latter guys now count to ten before they use offensive language, scratch part of body that should not be normally scratched in public or loudly express their satisfaction after they've eaten.
 We're just getting to know each other, but at least we know that - unlike the rest of the team - she is not addicted to alkohol or gambling, she does not lie about her alleged ambitions to change the world, doesn't sleep when on duty. She speaks Italian. She must have other flaws, but still we haven't noticed them. If we do - we'll let you know.

Kasia is a native Cieszynian and presents characteristics typical for the girls from Cieszyn. She is pretty - but this is obvious and we don't need to dwell on this fact too much. It's time we finally had someone pretty. She's tough like a rock and she doesn't let others push her around. Sometimes we even fear her. She is inteligent and smart too - we feel sorry for anyone who's gonna come negotiate with her in future. She's gonna be a professional negotiator - her talent is so obvious already. She's brilliant, helpful and her knowledge of every corner around in Cieszyn is not to be underestimated. We could say - a typical girl from Cieszyn. But we won't say it, as she is special!