Our question doesn't seems to be difficult. Yes, there is an overnight direct from Prague to Krakow.

Yes, you can pay a lot for a ticket (sometimes even 70 Euros!). If you're ok with the price, forget about this brochure. If not – please read carefully and take our advice. You can even save a lot of money, without wasting your time. How?


Step 1.

  • Go to the Main Train Station (Praha Hlavni Nadrazi). Instead of buying ticket to Krakow, buy the cheap one, going to Cesky Tesin. There is plenty of trains, going through Cesky Tesin, most of them go to Zilina, Trinec, or Humenne after. Ticket costs 280-400 Czech Koruns (around 14-18 Euros), and travel takes around 4,5 hours. When you rich to Cesky Tesin, get off the train.

Step 2.

  • - You're in Cesky Tesin, and you need to get to Cieszyn one of the oldest cities in Poland, famous of beautiful Old Town area. No worries, it is the same city, divided between Poland and Czech Republic. Now you need to get to find Bus Station on the polish side. It's not a long walk – around 15-20 minutes.

Step 3.

  • Buses from Cieszyn to Krakow goes very frequent, but not in the night time, unfortunately. First bus departs at 4:30 am, the last one at 6:25 pm. Buy ticket on bus from the driver (it costs 20-21 PLN, around 4,5 Euros): remember you can only pay by polish Zloties. It's only 3 hours, and you're in the centre of Krakow!



Direct train to Krakow: 60-70 Euros.

Going through CeskyTesin/Cieszyn: maximum 19,5 Euros.

Time of travel:

Direct train to Krakow: 9,5 hours

Going through Cesky Tesin/Cieszyn: from 8-10 hours.

To find all timetables and directions, check the link below: