Volens – which means willing.

The name of our organisation is not accidental at all.

Because for us it is important that in the nearest future the recognition and popularity of the region in which we actively operate would be directly proportional to its huge potential. Both historic and cultural.

The activities of the Volens foundation are focused on activity in the cross-border region of Cieszyn Silesia. The central location, several hundred years of autonomy in relation to larger administrative entities caused that thanks to its multiethnicity the region was a mainstay of tolerance and religious freedom. A place where Germans, Jews, Slavs and all who came here even from the most distant lands felt well.

Our main goals, also included in the foundation’s statute, include recreation and nurturing the somewhat forgotten heritage of the Cieszyn Duchy, and the promotion of conscious and sustainable tourism. The apple of foundation’s eye is to support activities related to genealogical tourism – being aware that the social structure has changed diametrically throughout the 20th century.

Cieszyn and Duchy of Cieszyn are the treasures that we have discovered. We don’t want to hide this treasure from the world, just like gold diggers in the Wild West. Quite the contrary – for us it is important that as many people as possible could use it!

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