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Piwne Księstwo

Cieszyn beer, Czech beer, historic, small and larger breweries. Check out the list of places, which attract avid beer drinkers to the Duchy of Cieszyn!

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Cieszyn Castle Brewery

Is currently a small brewery, but it has very rich traditions. The oldest machines used there, have been brewing beer since the nineteenth century. A friendly pub is located next to the building, in which, in addition to tasting local beer, many cultural events take place.

The first “Czech” tavern on the trail from the Friendship Bridge. They have a fresh, properly poured Radegast there, with a thick foam, as well as classics of Czech cuisine.

How to behave in a Czech hospoda? Check out what a real Cieszyniak, that is Chwytak, has to say on this topic:

Pivovar Koniček

A dozen kilometers from the Český Těšín, there is a friendly building, in which the Koniček beer is brewed – exceptionally valued by beer lovers. Of course, you can also eat well there. Classically, in a Czech way. You just need to get on a train going in the direction of the Frydek-Mistek station. Anyway… we will reveal details to anyone who is willing!


A new, dynamic brand on the Czech side of the Duchy of Cieszyn. Baraba has its place in the Český Těšín and it’s worth to try the original taste of this beer.

U Vavry

Just like Radegastovna boasts with its fresh beer from the Nošovice brewery, the U Vavry place has the freshest Pilzner in the city. Of course, just like in most pubs on the other side of Olza, you can eat well there until – more or less – 21:00.

Nošovice Radegast: “Life is bitter. Fortunately”.

Place, in which the cult Radegast is produced, is located just a dozen kilometers from Cieszyn. There is a possibility to explore the brewery, they also supposedly have Polish guides there!

Winery at Czech’s

The most “Czech” place on the Polish side. As far as we know from our experience, nobody leaves it unsatisfied. In addition to the Central European cuisine, a huge advantage are Moravian wines and the perfect Czech Svijany.