Can Cieszyn be a good place for a conference, an integration trip, a meeting or a rally?

Of course it can – we truly believe this is a perfect place for such occasions. We know what to do to make the event you are organising successful!

We run a hostel in charming Cieszyn. We are aware that we will probably never be able to organise the Oscars, the G8 summit or the UEFA conference (I guess we do not even have the will and ambition to do this …). However, thanks to operating for several years in the tourism industry and also organising free time, we have already gained the right experience – as evidenced by the cyclical gatherings of over a hundred-person group during Travel Bloggers meetings.

We are locals. We know the realities, we have accommodation facilities, but we are also friends with other objects from the industry. We can help or advise. We know which places serve good food and drink, where are adequate co-working offices and where to order catering.

If you are planning a big company conference, an informal integration trip, an outdoor event or an industry meeting – please contact us. We will discuss details individually.