Are you thinking about a trip in a group of friends? Or maybe a week long open-air workshop with a group of students? Or a sentimental reunion? Short school trip? Or maybe a stress-free several-person escape from a big city? What can we offer you?

Admittedly, Cieszyn is not Las Vegas, Cieszyn is not even Kraków or Wrocław, but… Believe us, it’s a pretty cool place to relax in a fun circle of friends – we promise you that there will be plenty of attractions. If you need help in organizing free time – we are here to help you. Renting a restaurant? Help in finding suitable railway or bus connections. A bus ride? Or maybe simply a right advice will be enough?
In terms of groups, we work it out individually, but of course we offer suitable discounts.

Let us know – we’ll work it out!
#Meetup Cieszyn