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Kawa czy herbata

“Little Vienna”? This is how people used to speak of Cieszyn for many years and this opinion was influenced by such bourgeois tradition of relishing in coffee in elegant cafes. We still have a lot of nice places with great coffee!

The favorite place of meetings of people from Cieszyn – especially those who stay in the area of the center. One can drink great coffee, fresh tea, but also taste some beer which is brewed just right the corner, in The Castle Brewery. The social heart, but also a perfect place to relax and rest after seeing the Castle Hill.

Cafe-institution, for sure every literature lover already knows about it. It is a combination of a reading room, a library and a cafe, in which both books, decoration and coffee itself are at the highest level. It’s stupid to be in Cieszyn and not to call by Kornel!

A real place with a history. Located next to the Museum of Cieszyn Silesia, at Larisch Palace, in the building of a former stable, positioned on the plan of a circle. But not only history is the advantage of this place. Coffee, tea and confection lovers alike will find there their own little Cieszyn paradise.

Mocca cafe is located on the main historic route leading from the Market Square to the Castle: which is Głęboka Street. One can lie back lazily on comfortable chairs, take a sip of coffee and watch life go by. Just like cafe-frequenters from Cieszyn used to do one hundred years ago.

To say about this place” ‘a tea house’ – seems to be a bit of an understatement. Indeed, you can taste there original tea or other far and middle eastern delicacies. However Laja is something more – it is a lively place, where often workshops, meetings with interesting people are organised. The flag event is The Tea Festival, organised in the summertime by super friendly crew from the castle temple of tea.

A favorite place of meetings of those who want to meet – but this time without alcohol. Fantastic decoration and perfect, famous of their quality all over Czech Republic, tea and Asian, African and American drinks, plus narghile – all of this attracts guests from both sides of Olza River to this tea house.