3 Bros’ Hostel was established in 2013 as an initiative of a group of friends who wanted not only to expand the modest accommodation base at the time (with a view to offering budget travelers) but also to enliven the social life of the city by organizing exhibitions, meetings, rallies, talks, and various gatherings. In 2016, we expanded our offer to include attractively located apartments.

It is said that the true hostels of twenty years ago no longer exist. There is some truth in this, as the world changes, we age, and the expectations of contemporary travelers are also different. Events related to the lockdown prompted us to change the nature of this place. The basic idea of the hostel remains unchanged – it is still a facility where guests visiting Cieszyn can sleep, relax in the lounge after the hardships of a full day of sightseeing, and use the shared kitchen. Choosing an inexpensive place, optimally located right in the city center.

However, a fundamental change is the self-service formula of this place. And its character – unlike the old hostels, you are unlikely to find a cheerful, spontaneous party here, nor will you have many opportunities to interact with newly met guests. Instead, you will find peace, a cozy yet far from hotel luxury place, for a quite reasonable price. More demanding guests can take advantage of a wide range of apartments – also located right in the city center.