– Check-in time starts at 12. We’re planning to arrive to Cieszyn really early. Can we come to hostel and storage our luggage?
Sure, no probs at all! Simply come to us, leave your bugs, have a coffee or tea, and relax on sofa. Who knows – maybe you’ll be the lucky one to have your bed/room much earlier?

– How much is breakfast? Or is it for free?
Of course it is – breakfast for all 3BROS hostel guests is free!

– Do you accept groups? Can you offer any discounts?
Sure – please contact us to get discount: call us or simply send an e-mail, we’ll answer ASAP.

– I’ve planned to arrive to Cieszyn late evening. Is there anyone at your place to let me get in and check me in? I don’t feel I wanna spent all night at the Cieszyn train station or whatever it’s called…
No worries, you won’t. Just let us know ASAP. Anyways, reception staff will reach hostel in 5-7 mins.

– Is drinking alcohol (beer) allowed at the hostel? Do you have bar there?
If there’s any place where drinking is forbidden – trust me – you won’t find us there. Unfortunately we’re too cameral to have our bar, however there is a couple of stores around. Plus cool local bars serving famous local lager – BRACKIE. Plus Czech Republic with amazing beer, amazing food, and amazing prices!

– What is your laundry policy? Do you have washing machine?
Yes, we do! Unfortunately there is no dryer, so you have to wait a couple of hours to get it dry.

– We’ve planned very active stay. Someone told us there’s a lot of hills and great places for skiing and snowboarding. Do you organize any tours or trips there?
There is no official company organized skiing tours. Anyway – no worries. We’re people from Cieszyn, we know what’s goin’ on, what’s around. We’ll be more than happy to arrange a day trip for you guys.

– Do you have WI-FI?
Simple question – simple answer: YES.

– I’m gonna stay in Cieszyn just one day. Which part of the city is more worth to see – polish or czech? Should I change more polish or czech money?
Well, tough question.Most of people say that polish part has much more attractions and interesting places for tourists. Cieszyn city centre is located on polish side. However we really adore some places on czech part of the city, so it’s really hard to judge. Simply come here and check it out!

– What kind of breakfast do you serve? Is there something for vegetarians?
Of course. For vegetarians, meat-eaters, for everyone! We do not have anything like  „british breakfast”, or „continental breakfast”, it’s special 3BROS mix, which suits everyone.

– We travel by car – do you recommend any parking place around.
There is no private parking, but nearby, at the end of Bożnicza street there is a parking space. It costs 2PLN/h during the weekday (8am-5pm). Weekends are for free.

– Do You send Visa confirmation to embassy?
Yes, we do. We send the confirmation letter after receiving min. 80% of the full amount of accomodation. We DO NOT send back the money. Sorry.

– Do You accept bitcoin?
Yes! We love Bitcoin and we offer a 10% discount on all Bitcoin payments. f you would like to make a reservation using Bitcoin, please call us. During the call, we will ask that you send a deposit equal to the cost of the first night for each person in your party.  You should send all payments to this address:  1KC5FEqzQdwcAU5SHUSuZfYJnYp79zP3xR. As soon as we see your Bitcoin payment at Blockchain.info (0 confirmations required) your reservation will be finalized in our system. If you wish to pay for additional nights during your stay, you will again send your Bitcoin payment in the presence of staff. Once they confirm your payment has been received they will register you for the appropriate number of nights in the hostel.
(Staff: Click here if you need help with Bitcoin.)



Staying at the 3 Bros’ Hostel means automatically accepting following rules.

– Total balance for the acoomodation to be paid during arrival.
– We do NOT refund any money after paying.If you’d like to cancel part of your stay, please inform us before arranging the payment.
– Check-in time from 12PM.
– Check-out time is at 11 AM.
– It is possible to storage your luggage after check-out for the rest of the day.
– No one – except all guests and hostel staff – is allowed to be at the hostel areas.
– We serve breafast beetween 8AM and 11AM.
– We provide one free towel.  Cost of the lost towel is 20 PLN.
– Set of all hostel keys are provided. Cost of the lost set is 30 PLN.
– Smoking is strictly forbidden, apart from the balcony.
– Having and using any kind of drugs is strictly forbidden.
– Drinking alcohol is more than allowed. The best drinking place is our common room.

– Please respect other’s right to sleep at night.
– In case of any damage done to hostel property you’d have to pay for it.
– One bed in dorm room can be used only by one person.
– Due to aggresive and violent behavior hostel staff has all rights to ask our guest to leave the hostel without any refound.
–  During check-in process you need to show one document with picture (ID, passport, driving licence).
– It is forbidden to use your sleeping-bags since we provide clean linen.


* If You travel with group of friends (over 6-pax) stag party, hen party, kids, please let us know in advance!

* Hostel is located on the first and second floor, no lift here.

* We do accept pre-paid. We do send payment confirmation for the visa purposes. However we DO NOT refund the pre-paid.