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Building history

The building located at Mennicza 14.

The first document regarding this facility was written when the enemy Imperial Armies chased the insurgents of the January Uprising over the territory of the former Commonwealth. Precisely 150 years ago Mr Adolf Żaczek, the owner of the house no 136 in Cieszyn, opened an initiative to build a workshop in the backyard of his house. What did the Building Inspection have to say to that? And what about the neighbours? Considering the realities of the time, did they bury him in an avalanche of paperwork?

Not at all!
The construction master, Józef Gross, did a quick examination and gave his permission. The neighbour, Josef Turek, didn’t object too strongly either, even though he washed his hands from any potential damages that could result from the construction. Adolf Żaczek must have breathed a sigh of relief. The building on the corner of Mennicza and Bóżnicza performed many different functions later on, before it became a haven for backpackers and vagabonds…

Rumour has it that the tenement in which the hostel is located today went to the entrepreneurial hands of Adam Kofin – the manufacturer of water and lemonade.

Before our grandparents had even thought about having our parents, the building on the corner of Mennicza and Bóżnicza dabbled in the tourism industry. This is where the Service of Polish Tourist and Sightseeing Society (PTTK) had its temporary premises. A bank also used to be located here – that’s why for the first few days we knocked on every wall, hoping to find a hidden safe. Pro tip – don’t waste your time.

After the war, the building at Mennicza 14 became intimately entangled with the furniture industry. At long last, we arrived here, the 3 Bros’ Hostel, which shares the building with a grocery on the ground floor.

As can be seen, this unassuming building at Mennicza 14 has witnessed over 150 years of Cieszyn’s entrepreneurial history.