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Jak dojechać do Pragi?

Our question doesn’t seems to be difficult. Yes, there is an overnight direct from Krakow to Prague.

Yes, you can pay around 70 Euros for a ticket. If you’re ok with the price, forget about this brochure. If not – please read carefully and take our advice. You can even save 40 Euros, without wasting your time. How?


Step 1.

  • Go to the Bus Station (just near the Train Station). Find bus to Cieszyn departing from the lower platform. Buses to Cieszyn departs very frequently – approx. every 45 minutes (first one around 5 am, last one at 9.50 pm). One ticket costs 20 PLN (around 4,5 Euros): you can pay the driver. Travel from Krakow to Cieszyn takes about 3 hours.

Step 2.

  • – You’re in Cieszyn, one of the oldest cities in Poland, famous of beautiful Old Town area. Whole city is divided between Poland and Czech Republic. Now you need to get to the Czech side, and find the Train Station. It’s not a long walk – around 15-20 minutes. Before you do that, think of dropping in to our 3Bros’ Hostel – 10 min. walk from both bus and train stations and only 1 minute away from the main square.
    The town is really worth seeing!

Step 3.

  • Direct trains from Cesky Tesin (czech name for Cieszyn) departs pretty often, every 90 minues everyday. You can pay for the ticket by your credit card. If you prefer cash – don’t forget to buy czech korunas in Krakow – exchange offices are closed in Cieszyn in the night time. Regular price for the ticket is 380 Korunas (approx. 15 Euros). Remmember – you can get a discount if you buy ticket one day in advance, if you’re a student, if you’re not a solo traveller (group ticket discount starts from 2 people!). Then enjoy 4,5 hours of travel. You’re in Prague!



Direct train to Prague: 72 Euros.

Going through Cieszyn: maximum 19,5 Euros.

Time of travel:

Direct train to Prague: 9,5 hours

Going through Cieszyn: from 8-10 hours.

To find all timetables and directions, check the link below